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Don't delay your turnaround by trusting just any supplier. Order your welding consumables, mist eliminators, and other tower internals directly from Central Wire, the manufacturer

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We're Committed to Your Success

  • We understand what's at risk
  • We deliver what you need, when you need it.
  • We make the product, we don't source it.
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What's at Stake

welding 8 When it comes to managing your turnaround process, your most important asset is having the right supplier. One who knows having the material you need, when you need it, and where you need it is going to make or break the project. A well-planned turnaround is like a well-oiled machine: different parts moving independently and combining to get the job done. You can’t afford delays, and you have no time for excuses. That's why at Central Wire Industries, we take the initiative to have your Tech-Mesh™ mist eliminators and Generation4™ Welding Products ready and waiting for you when you need them.

Don't Get Caught!

Tag on mesh - cropped-1At CWI, we understand the disaster that a late or incomplete delivery can become to a turnaround project. When parts are missing or incomplete, the result is a jumbled mess of delays, production down time, and money lost or wasted. You thought you were covered by finding multiple suppliers that were able to deliver, but in the end they all relied on the same ultimate source of that one crucial product you needed. With continued supply chain issues and longer than ever lead times, the delivery risks to your projects are greater than ever. There is little chance of recovery when long lead items or critical components are delayed, so you need to partner with the right supplier the first time. Central Wire is that partner.  

Why We're Different

At Central Wire, we don’t share sources with your other suppliers, we are the supplier. We’re not quoting delivery on products sitting in a supplier's warehouse, we’re quoting shipment from our facilities right to you. Central Wire is a global business with mill direct sourcing that manufactures finished product to your specifications and ships directly to you. And with overlapping manufacturing capacity throughout North America, we are always in a position to quickly fulfill orders for your project. In other words, we prioritize being a solutions provider and not just another drop ship supplier.

Committed to Your Success

When you work with suppliers that function as business partners and not just vendors, they may detect and suggest improvements that you haven't considered. At CWI, we use our vast experience and custom manufacturing capabilities to regularly recommend various solutions that can make our customers' manufacturing operations more efficient. Across the U.S. and Canada, Central Wire’s staff includes metallurgists, engineers, and technicians in our labs and customer service representatives who know the production floor as well as the product list. They know the full range of applications of each product. The extended team keeps each aspect of the business running smoothly so that we better serve our customers’ individual needs.


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